Charcoal Cleansing Soap

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Handmade in Dundas Ontario by Pink Posh Fox.

The pure cleansing charcoal goodness soap. Charcoal helps to reduce pore size, absorb excess oil and dirt from the skin, and in some cases can also clear acne scarring. The charcoal can remove toxins from the skin and ultimately treating acne presently on the face. You can even use this bar on your hair to help treat dandruff. 

Pink Posh Fox makes all of their products with the finest natural and organic materials for your body. 

Directions: Keep on a soap dish when not in use to ensure longevity of this handcrafted bar. Lather soap in combination with warm water on hands, face, and body, for a moisturizing wash. 

Process: This soap is made using the cold process soap method and has cured for 4-6 weeks.