Large Walnut Cutting Board with Epoxy Detail

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From raw, kiln-dried lumber to finished furniture, and everything in between. Crown Point Wood Co. specializes in craftsman quality wood products, that are sustainably sourced and locally kiln dried. This brand does not cut corners when it comes to their boards and finishes.

This medium brown walnut cutting board is durable and beautifully finished, to compliment any kitchen. 

Board Measures 23 x 8.5 inches

Care and Maintenance:
Clean cutting board thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild soap, and give the board plenty of time to dry. To prolong the life of your cutting board, only clean with lukewarm water and never place the boards in the dishwasher. 

To rejuvenate, sand cutting board to smooth surface. After sanding, apply a thick layer of cutting board oil, following the instructions on the bottle. After applying oil, wipe off excess  and make sure to seal with cutting board wax. After the wood finishes have dried, wipe away any residue. Your board is now ready to use again! We recommend Walrus Cutting Board Oil and Wax.